Marrakech, September 2022



يد واحدة لا تصفق (YAD WAHDA MA TSAFEK)

This old Berber saying is the perfect wrap up of the 13th edition of 72Hours Reload we spent with 26 inspiring ladies in Marrakech. We learned it from Alice Morrison , the British adventurer we also met 5 years ago. After crossing Africa on a bike and running the Marathon du Sable, it was time for a new challenge after the lockdown. Last year, she spent almost 8 months crossing the Moroccan desert by feet, walking 5 hours a day with 2 nomads and 4 camels. Hers was called Amish. Sleeping in a tent, or under the stars. In order to keep moving forward, she had to trust the two men accompanying her 100 %, fully embracing each other’s culture. Together, they discovered a lost city. She showed us how not being afraid to connect with people that are totally different from you can create magical experiences. Because you can’t clap with one hand.

Clapping together by sharing experiences, emotions and stories became the common thread that connected us all at this very special 13th edition of 72Hours Reload. The retreat to reload your body, mind and soul that Veerle Pappaert & Elke Jeurissen created in April 2016 is no longer just a trip with inspiring women.

72Hours Reload has grown into a real community of sisterhood, connecting women across countries, cultures and life stages. Unique encounters & unique experiences are still the name of our game.

Early Wednesday morning, a 1 hour drive brought us from Menara airport to the foot of the Atlas Mountains to the Kasbah Bab Ourika a fairytale place that provides jobs for 70 locals living in the nearby village. It is something we always look for: unique places with a link to local communities. Like our guides, Zacharia and Mohammed, who took us on a hike surrounded by fifty shades of red, including mint teatime & fresh cookies at the top of the local football field, where children spend hours after they finish school around 2 pm. Most of them, as their parents, spend life by foot, walking hours a day. The women bake fresh bread every morning and take it to the owner of the local oven, to be shared with their family 3 times a day. Can you imagine this was on your to do list every morning? Throughout the day, we enjoy the sound of the calls for prayer in the Ourika valley.

The colors of the mountains surrounding Marrakech are unlike any colors you can see in Belgium. Scarlet and crimson, cerise and magenta, maroon, carmine, claret and burgundy… especially at the time of sunset. To create unique experiences, we always look at sunset timings before we develop our program. On our first night, we welcomed our guests on the hotel rooftop for cocktails. As always, the ladies also looked very colorful.